Genesis 1:20–23

We have dealt with water, light, firmament (vault), earth, and sky. Now water, again, to round out a parallelized envelope. The water above the vault of heaven is welter and waste, deep and dark, with everything teeming at once—and so bringing forth nothing.

Though everything is the heritage of water, this day brings forth two subsets of life—that which can live and multiply within water and that able to fly above water. Note the absence of amphibians that don’t honor the earth/water boundary. Such boundary-breaking will eventually come to be known as “unclean.” There is also no notice of mammals of the sea. The wideness of creation is more dynamic than such details.

This flowering of living elements follows the flowering of the sky after sun and moon—the unnumberable starts.

Such flowering does not happen while water is wild. As water is domesticated, put in its place, the latency of life bursts forth in earth and sky and sea—flowers and fowl and fish.

Though the focus here relates to water, the space between waters below and above is filled with fowl and that between continents of earth abounds with fish.

The emphasis on fecundity moves from passive seed dependent upon a distributing force beyond itself to active, mobile, reproduction. Two by two, the shifts of mutation and evolutionary advantage are set in motion.

A structuring of fluidity brings a blessing that could not be predicted and still cannot be seen—what and who shall yet become. Guard the gathered waters well for their health is less certain than realized grace and expanding galaxies.

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