Genesis 1:14–19

Grass begins before there is a great light to sustain it. This reminds us that we are not dealing with a science of evolution, but a cosmology arising from a selection of elements within a context of too much floating where it will. To have grass precede sun is no problem. Dry ground, on top of water and surrounded by water, is already latent with life. An extension of latency of life will come in a later story—that which tells of ’adam from ’adamah.

These large and small lights are after-thoughts to care for the consequence of dividing waters to reveal Earth. This creation based on chaos reveals the nearness of the structures waste waiting to have these moments fall back or be enfolded again in darkness.

In the meantime, a metronome assists this growing music of the spheres in all its counterpoint and syncopation, harmony and various tonal scales.

Oh yes, these small measures of times and seasons play out their solar and lunar schedules against another progression of stars and regressions of planets. Depending on which measuring tool is used, we see creation in differing stages. For some, it is done and set; for others, it is still beginning or yet evolving. A complicating factor enters as the sun is demoted from a source of energy (a “god”) to a mere marker of time or season. Grass does need sunlight, but our story shifts from Earth to Firmament, from a source of food to a setting of a cosmic context.

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