Genesis 1:9-13

A line is drawn in the middle of everything, dividing it into Heavens and not Heavens. There is no other distinction made between the two. The Heavens continue to have all the welter and waste of the starting point roiling throughout. Any further organization here is unknown. Potential abounds.

On the not-Heavens side, the preternatural “water” is gathered and inherently present Earth stands revealed. As long as it is not flooded over, the possibility of additional specifics take their turn upon its stage. This is its opportunity to reveal the limit of glory and nearness of disaster in both the deep un-yet and a hovering present.

The gathering of waters that reveal Earth, allow it to be seen, is named Sea. It is good to always have one eye on Earth and one on Sea as we travel paths through the seeds of life—grass, plants, trees.

An appreciation of Earth and Sea looks upon all the specifics and echoes—these are “good.” Here we catch a glimpse of the value of space where a line can be developed sufficiently to have form and identity. This is no promise of perpetuity. So much water must be removed to allow Earth and its companion Air (implicit in Breath) to interact that everything remains fragile.

From wet to dry, from potential to active, we find ourselves located. Gratitude also begins to grow as wonder gives ground.

From evening to morning we find expectation growing that there will be a next morning, a next evening. Already readers are moving from it is enough to have Earth, Air, and Grass. Our grasp for more is awakened. If this is “good” might there be a better?

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