Going Out a Winner

As predictable as it was, the last four years have been spent inside a fantasy that first creates a crisis and then resolving it in the most unlikely fashion – starting another crisis on top of it. Whenever this sort of process comes to an end, it is like the downfall of any pyramid scheme where the participants and enablers are all aught in the aftermath of a created crisis without even a perverted resolution. A massive loss of life, institutional integrity, economy, and cyber hacks will all echo on and on.

While all this was predictable (in general), each specific crisis was unique and worthy of an Ignoble Prize. 

Without knowing the specific way out of a crisis of a loser losing bigly, the following is still in the running to end on a winning note.

At the last minute, the labeled loser decides to attend his nemesis’s inauguration, who holds the opposite values. At a critical moment, the outgoing loser is caught on film, slowly rolling a grenade toward the tableau of Chief Justice, Hated Nemesis, and Bible Toter.
     This is followed by said loser wobbling into a launch that will put him on top of the grenade, which goes off. In one fell swoop, there are no consequences to face, and he becomes the hero of this and every botched resolution — Savior of the very Democracy he never understood

Of course, the pull of sheer Mammon cannot be underestimated. It cannot be denied that it is more likely there will be a riding off into a golden sunset to live and cause a next crisis.

There is still time to place your bet on the events of January 20, 2021.

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