This is a season for looking for signs – stars, candles, and vaccines. Here’s a sign for where we are and why a next sign of light is looked for, whether at the end of a tunnel or (more revolutionarily) now –

Come, well-qualified buyers, and receive $6,000 off the MSP, plus a benefit of 0% interest. We’ll even throw in a turkey for your holiday feast!

Yes, a sign. But not one of light. This is a sign of the rich getting richer and the poor, poorer. Those in need of assistance are specifically not invited.

People are about to be evicted because of the results of the economic consequences of a pandemic, and they are teased with visions of new-SUV sugar plums and credit-score-boosts (because of more credit-card-debt) fairies.

Is there anyone still left standing who can envision the consequences of such a multitude of cold and hungry people? I’m presuming not. Otherwise, some changes would be made, so we don’t hollow out a promised “general welfare” common good, with an even more common coal-in-a-stocking (with a hole in the toe).

The need for a sign today is no less than previous episodes of oppressive occupation (political, military, or disease).

Progress is not a sign. It dawns too slowly and grudgingly. Its benefit is in too dainty an incremental improvement.

A Radical Liberation sign is needed far beyond what can be found in a bilateral compromise with miserly curmudgeons.

Sign something different, or don’t bother signaling a sign at all.

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