Mark 4:24

“Take care what you listen to,” said Jesus.  “The standard you use will be used for you, and more will be added for you.

more than a karmic
tit for tat
is a recognition
our standards
have consequences
for ourselves
community environment

when stopping to feel
rather than think
we find laughter’s healing art
at work to weaken
multiple ego boundaries
in a variety of situations
toward consistent compassion

remarkedly such empathy
reduces our need for reward
to a point of secrecy
should credit be given
its reception makes no difference
transforming the value of reward
to an imaginary number

“Take heed!” or “Listen attentively!” is translated in Conob as “to hear dying”. We are here dealing with life-and/or-death matters. Carlos Castaneda writes of learning from his mentor, Don Juan, that death stands alongside, whispering into our left ear. Death’s implacable knowledge of eventually bringing an end allows an impartial view of a current circumstance. Attending to death puts life in perspective.

To emphasize the importance of the accomplished and coming teachings of Jesus, Mark shifts from the easier image of death to that of G*D. It is, however, the same point that is being made.

The attention we give to our mentors generally corresponds with what we will receive from them. There are times when we may be confused enough by what we are learning that a leap in consciousness arrives despite our inattention. But attending is still the best policy as it provides a context within which to learn and to be surprised.

Remember this is being said to folks who have done their best to listen carefully. In such a context, this is encouragement to keep connecting dots. If you have made the connection between an abundant harvest and the removal of the barren, shallow, rocky soil that is the overarching Empire, your evaluation needs to account for that same barren, shallow, rocky soil in yourself that will become evident should you simply take the power of Empire unto yourself with every intention of using it more mercifully. So they all say; so none do.

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