Mark 4:25

For, to those who have, more will be given; while, from those who have nothing, even what they have will be taken away.”

more is more
same is less

continuing education
or irrelevance

everyday practice
tones our tunes

there is no way around
growth or death

trusting automatic progress
is a fool’s quest

time engaged is time redeemed
time ignored is time crucified

time saved rusts
time invested satisfies

This realistic assessment of the prelude to regime change reminds us of the growing economic gap in our own Market (Mammon) driven economy. Fantasies of some trickle-down that raises all boats tricks those on a leaky raft to imagine there is a yacht in their near future.

Such a lie benefits the richest as it assists them to become richer as it pacifies the poorest with sugar plums dancing in their heads. This is an intellectual presentation of the old control mechanisms of bread and circuses.

In our non-Jubilee reality—the gap keeps growing until it is untenable in terms of sheer numbers and desperation. Because the length of time and degree of distance separating those who have from those who do not have is so great and the imbalance of power so massive, when a final confrontation comes it is all the more terrible for everyone. Were the small differences kept within normal human parameters—that which we can know in daily life without exponents and extravagant words like “millions” or “billions”—a reduction in “great increase” to a few would still be generous without being onerous.

This is about care of the land which needs working by everyone. It cannot be ported over into religious jargon, creeds, or other belief statements. To move too quickly from the physical brings the danger of the great binary of Heaven/Hell and dividing people on the basis of whether they can abide the platitudes that snooker people into believing they are “anything less than beautiful” (Libby Roderick lyric).

Compare this ancient proverb, that may have originated in regard to hospitality, with what you experience of “belovedness”.

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