There is no there there, if there isn’t a their there.

I’ve been sadly amused by those claiming they approve the policies of Trumpism while questioning the presentation and tactics of Trump.

Trump’s knee-jerk response is to have an automatic put-down and threat to anyone who is not in immediate lock-step with him. There is only one who is independent, Trump. There is no equal to Trump.

This eternal conflict between independence and equality is all too easily unbalanced in favor of the separating power of independence with no recognized importance of another, much less their equality. This is Trumpism, and there is no policy associated with Trump that is not caught in the trap of ultra-independence—its automatic denial of equality.

It is only the possibility of equality that allows independence to shine. When independence has no place for equality, it is but a short way to authoritarianism and its fragility that inevitably leads to downfall.

Independence is not unlike a pyramid scheme, always in need of a stronger affirmation of independence. At this point, there can be no recognition of any other right to exist on its own.

Going in the other direction, ultra-equality is but a slower way of arriving at irrelevance.

The only viable choice is a recognition of the dream and fact of both independence and equality. Once out of balance, it is like putting the entitlements of Pandora’s Box back in place—not doable. Having lost connection with one another, they lose touch with their identity and devolve into their respective forms of injustice.

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