Another ultra-frivolous suit is headed toward the Supreme Court in an attempt to remove democracy from a democracy, to remove voting as a means of identifying next leaders for a limited time. It would seem an increasing number of people perceive the world as so chaotic and out of control that the most charismatic person appealing to fear should become the leader for an indefinite time.

One book I am reading titles a chapter, “Repairing the Moral Canopy after Institutional Betrayal.” A second book I am reading begins a section of the chapter entitled “The Problem and Promise of Prophecy” this way: “Although we live in a world of polemics, ever more present in social media, we must try to live in a world of possibilities, where we can affirm our own beliefs without negating the beliefs of others.” A commentator today spoke of needing a “new moral compact” to hold a divided country together.

This is a time of decision-making, conscious and unconscious, about what is next. Will it be a harking back to a mythical time of greatness measured in all manner of Manifest Doctrines? Might it yet lean forward to a time of interdependence that is more than polite dignity and some acceptable level of institutional malpractice of slowly eating our “seed corn” for a fleeting extra buck in our pocket.

Even though it would appear to harden already hardened sides, I look forward to more people signing on to the Lost Cause suit. In some respects, it is an equivalence to non-mask wearing during a viral pandemic. This clarifies the most fearful, those most deserving of a scarlet letter – “I” – for Idolator. Other Letters might be “S” – for Sedition or “T” – for Traitor. Of course, they will scream their patriotism to Freedom and Independence from any common good that doesn’t privilege and benefit their bottom line.

Since we don’t yet see or know the danger we are in of divinizing one person, one ideology, one way, I can imagine the Supreme Court bowing to the political theatre of striking the votes of four states.  Without some such institutional betrayal not attributable to one person (think The Donald or Grim Reaper McConnell), there will be no concerted action to develop a clearer moral compact to care for one another as the most effective way to care for self and all creation. Without some event similar to the Stamp Act or Krystallnacht we don’t go through the pain of redefining what is expected of 85% of United Statesians – first, the broadest general welfare of all; second, the lowest common denominator of common defense (public service). Until the economy is reset, there can be no expectation of a changed politic.

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